About Us

Bitos Asia is a leading supplier of janitorial and sanitation solutions. We are proud to provide not only products but expert services to a vast array of customers. Our distribution allows us to serve local, regional and national customers. We deliver quality products and a comprehensive stock of cleaning equipment designed to serve all industries.

Our business helps to create healthier, safer and happier environment for people to live, work and enjoy.

Our experience extends to dealing with building service contractors, retail, education, government, healthcare , restaurants and hospitality. Backed by our  supplies,  Bitos keeps our customers on the leading edge of our fast paced and evolving industry.

Our  specialists obtained more than 20 years of experiences in the hygiene market.  We are a member of Hong Kong Toilet Association and we a solo distributor of HYsent, Pure Concepts, Purehold and Vectair System for the area of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

必濤除擁有自己的品牌產品外, 更有與歐洲及美國知名公司合作,優質品牌 HYsent, Pure Concepts, PureholdVectair System 的中國,香港及澳門地區的總代理,引進高科技之品質及環保產品來滿足市場的需求。更明顯之目的是希望大家能共同塑造一個更綠化,更健康的居住環境。

Our Working Partners